Omer is been the best PT, he always encourage to get fit. He is very polite and professional and specially patience in understanding the problem. Thank you so much omer

S. Sharma

Excellent care and very personable staff! They are very attentive and invested in my progress, and any forward progress is as big of a win for them as it is for me. Highly recommended!

M. Doxey

Zeeshan has been a huge reason why my torn hamstring healed as quickly as it has. He is very knowledgeable in physical therapy and strengthening all aspects of the human body. He also shows his care for my injury by giving me advice and sending useful materials even when I am not on-site. The rest of the staff were super friendly and handy in assisting as well. I highly recommend Alliance and will go back if I ever experience another physical setback.

Choi J.

Alliance physical therapy is literally the best faculty I have ever been to.
You will not find a more knowledgeable or compassionate team.
They will listen to everything you say and never make you feel that your questions or concerns are not valid.
Hands down the best physical therapy facility and staff in the entire area.
You will get the best care here from the entire staff because the are a team and their goal of helping you is evident from the time you walk in the door.

Miller D.

An overall great experience helping to recover from a knee injury! I was given effective exercises for how to walk normal on my knee after a few weeks from Alliance Physical Therapy!

Sara B.

My experience here significantly aided in my recovery and I'm appreciative of the team always respectful and courteous!

Alex N.

Alliance Physical Therapy got me back on track after a car accident. I'm happy with the overall experience I had here. I worked with Shannon. She was the reason why I'm better than I once was. I didn't know what to expect from them but I was pleasantly surprised how experienced and well taken care of I was by the staff. The nice woman who works the front desk was helpful for my billing inquires and finding the right time to quickly schedule me in. The company also sent text alerts to my number to remind me of my appointments.
Shannon was able to do various exercises to strengthen the areas I was in pain for. What I appreciated the most was she understood my busy schedule and continued to teach me new exercises  that I could do during my down time. Ending the sessions resting and getting a nice heat compress was helpful. Overall I can thank my recovery on Shannon and the staff here at Alliance Physical Therapy.

G. Mike