Diedra is the best. I have been to a ton of hand therapist, and the best therapist I've experienced is Diedra.

R Lewis

I have had a great experience working with Joyce, Dan, Josh, Ben, Hild at the Fairfax location. I have a herniated disc in my lower back & with their expertise, I have less pain than when I first came to Alliance Physical Therapy.

Tucker F.

Really nice place for PT was my first time ever doing something like this and I’m glad I chose Alliance. Clean, Professional and very understanding. Their Hand Therapist Ms. Deidra is a really sweet person and very knowledgeable. The entire staff their is really nice and is basically one big family. Would definitely go back (let’s hope I don’t have to go back tho lol)

Holmes S.

Great experience. Professional staff.

Cheryl Washington

I just finished up 6 weeks of physical therapy for an ACL & MCL sprain. The staff here are so friendly and were very focused on getting me back to where my knee was before my injury. I was always greeted nicely and felt the sessions were very effective and worth my time. One thing I really appreciated was how flexible this facility was with scheduling sessions in the evening that fit with my work schedule.

Morgan Burton

I have a chronic pain issue and am in constant pain. I have been to physical therapists since I was 7 years old and I am now 23. Never before have I had such an amazing experience with a physical therapist. I have been a patient here since August and it is currently November and I go twice a week. Ben has been the only one to ever use Traction on me to help with my joint alignment and he is continuously trying to new exercises to make me feel better. I leave every appointment feeling a bit sore, but also 100x better than when I went in because for a solid two days, I don't have anywhere near as much pain as when I first come in. He is a great listener, he remembers where I have my pain, he works hard to use the best approach for my body, and he also teaches me exercises and stretches to manage my pain between appointments. I trust him so much and I have continuously recommended him to friends.
The front desk is amazing, the atmosphere is inviting, and the scheduling is quick and painless. They are also extremely flexible. Some days, I wake up and I can't make it to PT because of my chronic pain and I am able to reschedule without penalty, or even move an appointment the same day.
Overall, I couldn't recommend this place often enough.

Katie G

Ive been coming for a couple weeks and everyone has been fantastic. Im currently being treated for a fractured wrist and Deidre the OT is so welcoming and kind. The staff is also very helpful and nice. Would definitly recommend this place.

Etelvina Garcia

Who knew PT could not only be effective, but also a lot of fun?  The folks who work here know their stuff and have really helped me out, and at the same time, they make it enjoyable to come in a few times a week.

Chez .

I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff. I remember coming in with so much pain. I thought I was hopeless and felt like i wasn't getting better, but with time and following instructions during Physical therapy and implementing instructions outside of physical therapy, I started to see improvement. These physical therapists are masters at their craft. I want to thank Dan, Ben, Stephanie, and Tammy for all their hard work they have put in to help me get better. Even though it took 6 months to get better, but when you have nerve damage, thats what it takes to get better. Im so thankful and grateful.

Sami Sabir

I really enjoy everyone that works at this location. They are all very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. This is my first time in physical therapy and they have made it a great experience thus far. I highly recommend this location for anyone who is in need of any treatment.

Alvarado D.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the team at Alliance Physical Therapy!  I’ve been working with Deidre for the past several months to recover from a hand/wrist injury and she’s done a fantastic job helping me regain strength and mobility.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and is continuously adapting my exercises as I grow stronger.  
I truly look forward to each appointment because everyone at the practice is so kind and welcoming.  Vannia and Tammie do a great job keeping appointments running smoothly and helping patients with exercises.   The camaraderie among the staff and patients is truly unique.  Each appointment always feels like time spent with friends who care about you and do everything they can to help you heal from your injury.  
If you are looking for a physical/occupational therapy practice, look no further than the great team at Alliance Physical Therapy!

Margaret Crouse

We went to Alliance Physical Therapy and was very pleased with the service.  The front desk explained the registration process and I was called back right away.  I never had to wait in the waiting room for more than 2 minutes.  The therapists are great!  From the first visit, Dan explained the treatment process and made me feel comfortable.  I am almost done with my treatment and am feeling much better.  I would recommend this place to my family and friends.

Dev Sharma

I'll try to keep this short, but I doubt I'll be able to. Alliance Physical Therapy has become like a second home to me. Everyone here is friendly, welcoming, and full of interesting conversation. They call me by name, and I know theirs - Deidre, Tammie, Vannia, Stephanie, Dan - these are all great people who work here, and they each treat their patients with the kindness and consideration that one would expect from a Physical Therapy professional. But that's just the social aspect of the place; the level of expertise and the quality of care is by no means any less than the quality of social interaction. 
I've been working with Deidre for months, and though I've shown significant progress, my condition has required a long-term form of treatment, during which I've watched plenty of patients come in with a problem, get examined by Deidre or Dan, who will then carefully plan out exercise schedules for each patient's individual needs. While coming to Alliance Physical Therapy, I have met so many kind and interesting patients who I've gotten to know, and who, like the people working here, have helped me to come out of my shell. It's a wonderful facility and everyone here knows exactly what they're doing: each professional devotes themselves to caring for their patients. However, there's also an element of hilarity that I encounter when coming here, which I can only compare to some kind of sit-com: inside jokes develop, stories are told - whether about current events or about things going on in our lives - and this is really why Alliance Physical Therapy stands out to me. There are patients who still come in to visit, who have completed their therapy but still come back to see the friends they've made, and I think that says a lot about the way the therapists here make their patients feel: valued.
My experience at Alliance Physical Therapy has been all-around positive, restorative, and enjoyable. I'll be sad when I have to stop coming here, because it's become an important part of my week. I look forward to it. And every time I leave the facility after an appointment, I feel a little better - about my condition, about myself, and about the rest of my day. I invite you to give this place a try, as I know you'll feel the same. All in all a wonderful experience.

Tommy Sheffield

I had an great experience at this location. Everyone is very friendly and positive. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Martinez A.

 I have been having a good Experience at ALLIANCE (Fairfax) the service is excellent  from the front office desk to the therapist , they are very knowledgeable in the needs of the patient ,after a couple of weeks I felt the relief on my back and knee pain,I have a couple of friends with some back problems , and I will suggest to them Alliance (fairfax)

Guzman J.

5 Star Rating

Stan M.

5 Star Rating

Mathews W.

I had carpal tunnel surgery last year and it really bummed me out. My doctor suggested hand therapy. I selected Alliance Therapy in Fairfax and so glad I did. It was love at first . Deidre and Vannia were so caring and treated me so well. The atmosphere of the whole place was so welcoming and the energy was so uplifting. I was quite fortunate to have selected this place. The people that were there for hand therapy all became friends with lots of laughter and conversation and so much individual attention. This should be your number one pick for therapy. You will not be focused on your pain. 

Ann Godfrey

Great people to work with. They work with you to create therapy plans that suit your specific needs. I have worked with them two separate times after tearing my ACL and they helped get back to full strength in both instances. I worked Dan the Man and Josh both excellent physical therapists. I highly recommend Alliance Physical Therapy if you ever have an PT needs.

David Marzi

I've had nothing but great care from Alliance Physical Therapy in Falls Church. Over the years, I've seen them for a few different problems, and during that time I've worked with three different therapists (Rachel, Josh, Diedra) and they were all thoughtful and professional and worked as well with my doctors office as they did with me, which is much appreciated. I changed insurance in the middle of my treatment, and the front desk staff made that process remarkably painless. I highly recommend them.

M. Flanigan

I just started my Physical Therapy at Alliance and I am very, very happy with the Therapy I receive from Rachel! She is awesome in every way and she goes above and beyond to make sure she is giving the best care she can and she does! When she did my intake I knew right away that I was a patient of one of the best PT companies in the NOVA area and I knew going forward with my sessions that I was in good hands with Rachel being my Physical Therapist. Her wealth and knowledge of being an experienced Therapist was something I hoped for with my recovery and now I have it! Thanks Rachel for assurring me that I am in good hands. You rock! Elizabeth Roberts

B. Roberts

I will never see another physical therapist other than Rachel for the rest of my life. She is excellent, so knowledgeable, and caught things that even the top two spine specialists in the D.C. area I have seen did not catch. I am eternally grateful for her and she is a true healer, leader, coach, therapist.

Mary H.

I have been going to Alliance Fairfax for about seven months now and have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone there. I have used almost all the therapists, Josh, Herol, Magda, and Kelly and Tammy regularly help me out. This group is really the best.  They have helped bring me back to a manageable shoulder situation after I had worked for months without being able to lower the pain. Now, I finally feel like I am getting to a place where my shoulder is functional and I wont have to deal with a chronic issue like I thought I would have to. I have started being able to get back to physical activity without any pain or struggles. One of my favorite thing is that they use ALL the tools, manual therapy, stretching, machines, cupping, electric stimulation, really I feel like they give me all the magic that I could need to heal my body. I am also always impressed with their knowledge and ability to answer my questions about why they are doing one thing and how that impacts my body.  Ive also always appreciated their willingness to work with me on my own schedule and their nonchalance at me sometimes having to bring in my kids with me to therapy.  They also have been able to help my husband with his back with a chiropractor that is readily available. Really, i have nothing but fantastic things to say.  Thank you!

C. Andrea

Both OT and PT works well with a variety of conditions.  They will try to understand exactly what you need, and then create therapies for you.

Amber L.

Dr. Dan Miles is awesome!!!! Had a shoulder issue and he's been lending his knowledge and expertise to get me to a speedy recovery. Excellent facility, excellent staff, awesome experience!!!

D P.