Great staff and attentive to your needs and therapy. I have to use both their OT and PT services and cannot be more pleased with my results. Definitely would recommend them for your PT and OT services.

Maria B.

Great place to go. They really take good care of you hete.

Rosie F.

Staff knowledgeable with all my questions and helpful, offering different suggestions for exercises with my injuries. Love their personalities making you feel like visiting friends and not just another sterile doctors office visit.  Pain is good...easier to believe when it is spoken with care. To sum up my review, they care about you & not just making a dollar. Saddened to go when it will be time.

Diane H.

This is the best therapy experience I have ever had. I have attended therapy off and on for almost 10 years. Everyone here is so professional, knowledgeable and personable. It’s always a great time at Alliance. I recommend the Kenmore Ave facility to everyone. 

L. Grant

What a great place to come for your rehab, Alliance Physical therapy in Alexandria. From the welcoming front office staff to the great therapists you are in good hands. They helped me to heal and regain strength from my rotator cuff surgery. And they did it in a fun, positive and uplifting fashion. It’s also easy to get appointments to meet your schedule. I would definitely recommend Alliance PT of Alexandria. Thanks to everyone there and special thanks to Remy, Xy, Norma, Evon, Tae and the front office staff. You really did help me. Thank you so much.

J. Ebbitt

The customer service is excellent as soon as you walk in . Very pleasant front desk staff. The staff are very comforting and supportive. Xylene and Rimi are by far the best therapist I've come across.They were always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way possible at each visit. They are  outstanding and good sense of humor!

becca g.

Alliance physical therapy in Alexandria Va is the best! From the moment you walk in they greet you with great customer service. The therapist are amazing couldn’t ask for a better group of experience and knowledgeable women. I would recommend them to anyone in the NOVA area in need of physical therapy.

Mrpaid F.

The best place to come to get heal. XY, Rimi and Norma are the best!

Cassandra P.

Great job all therapy explain what they r about to do before work they are on time. Also my hands therapy  is very professional and explain her work also. Mr.Barretts!

N Wallace

I've been to several physical therapists in the area and Alliance is definitely the best. The staff is excellent and the results are very noticeable.

Judy Read

Had a good experience especially with my therapist Rimi and Xylene,and of course with the rest of the group, they treated me like one of their own, I will recommend anyone to them, cause I felt like FAMILY. Rimi and Xylene are always very respectful I do love my girls.

Vasquez R.

Alliance Physical Therapy Alexandria is the best!!! When I'm NOT feeling well with my body injuries, this is the best place for healing.

Paschal T.

I love the staff and care given at the Alexandria office. All of the staff are knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of the patients. Xy, Rimi, Norma, Yvonne and Tae are AWESOME!!! Also Katie and  Dakota are wonderful on the OT side. In addition Jess keeps the office running like a fine tuned machine. Thank you all for the loving care that you’ve given.

Summers N.

Xy, Rimi, Norma, and Yvonne are amazing! They are very welcoming and really take time to know their patients. Xy is very funny and makes everyone laugh. 
I really wanted to start running again after my ankle fracture and they have helped me get to that point.

Scholar J.

I had my first injury ever and it required physical therapy.. My doctor gave me a bunch of places and I ended up here because they were the only ones that could see me asap. I absolutely love this place!! Always clean, staff is friendly and its just nice to be here even tho you’re pain you’re just glad to be here. I didn’t have the chance to work with everyone but my therapists Yvonne, Neven and Tae are the best!!! Im a big baby and my ankle pain was bad but they just made it better since day one. 100% recommended

Erazo Y.

Alexandria Alliance Physical therapy The best this Area. Xylene And Rimi are Best Therapist and Thay were Always Good and Friendly and Outstanding Good Sense Of humor. Xylene Always Extra Take Care me 100%. All of the Stafe Are Excellent. Thanks - - - -.

Rahman A.

Over the years, I've been treated at several PT clinics, and I have to say Alliance PT in Alexandria is the BEST!!! I love the entire staff!  They are amazing, so knowledgeable and very professional.  BIG thanks to the entire team from the front staff (yami, Jessica, Claudia),Techs (Neveen, Norma, Natalie,  and Therapists (Xy, Tae, Rimi, Melissa and Yvonne!!) Thanks!!!

Vaughn B.

Everyone who works at this office does an amazing job.

im daddy

Awsome personal and professional. Thanks for everything

Afgan S.

Xylene and the entire staff do an amazing job.

Kris N

Great Staff and Services!!! The entire staff is courteous, friendly, helping and proficient. Have relieved me of my severe back pain and as well enabled me to perform my daily chores and fulfill my job requirements more efficiently and hassle-free.


Evams R.

The prescription from Dr. Steven Hughes of Ortho Virginia was: (a) Stabilization Program on the Lumbar; (b) Traction on the Lumbar and (c) Abdominal/Core Strengthening Exercise. I was to avoid lumbar extension. I checked with Ms. Melissa Weaver on  around January 24 or 25. She has been very thorough and effective. In addition to the exercises in your facilities, she prepared a customized exercise program which I could perform at home. I followed this religiously. We worked as a team. My experience was Total Satisfaction. Ms. Weaver was very patient and caring. I appreciate this. I had a similar satisfactory experience with Ms. Rimjhim Sharan who filled in for Ms. Weaver as when needed. She also worked with me early December 2015. Value for Money on the whole. Dr. Sidi C. Jammeh

Sidi J.

5 Star Ranting 

Sharma D.

5 Star Rating

Reddy N.

If I was able to give alliance 10 stars, I would. Unfortunately I broke my elbow and Dakota was very helpful in my recovery. Rimi and Shruti have helped me a lot with my back. I am very thankful for all the staff at alliance. They treat you like family here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for therapy. Would highly recommend.

L. Asrat

Great therapy with therapist who really care about your recovery from beginning to the end.

D. Garland

You guys are amazing!! Very nice people overall and great service :)

Y. Blandin

Me gusta recibir las terapias aca porque todo su personal es muy competente y amigable. Siempre estan dispuestos a cualquier inquietud o pregunta de los clientes. Es muy recomendable

Araya R.

Looking for a hand OT therapist?  Look no further, Nathalie Miller is phenomenal!  I had a serious injury leaving my hand immobile.  Nathalie has helped me tremendously and consistently provides innovative therapeutic solutions.  Nathalie really listens to her patients and constructs tailored therapy ensuring improved results and pain management.  The entire staff is extremely nice and helpful.  I highly recommend the Kenmore Ave in Alexandria facility.
Equipment is great, it would be nice to see the management staff invest in cosmetic upgrades to the office on par with other Alliance sites I have seen in the area

Lloyd K.

All the 5 star reviews that brought me to this facility have all been true.  You are greeted by the kindest front staff the moment you step in.  They remember all your quirks and preferences and you never feel like a number here.  The techs are knowledgeable and pay close attention making sure the patients are doing their exercises correctly and not further injuring themselves.  I’ve seen just about every doctor here and they all provide top notch care and always push for you to do better.  They are fully invested in their patients’ recoveries and it shows.  They are very welcoming and make you feel like part of their PT family.  Special shout out to Ketki and Popo for not giving up on me!

Hang S.

Fantastic physical therapy experience! Initially started going to address severe knee tendonitis and will continue to go here for any future ailments! Xylene and Remi are skilled therapists and make the recovery process a joy every morning

Michael E.

Son muy buenos en su trabajo gracias

Sosa C.

Great customer service !! The staff was very professional, helpful, and friendly. Kudos …

T. Burks

I was referred to Alliance Rehab by my worker's comp. I was bitten by a cat at work and had lost range of motion and feeling in part of my hand, wrist, and arm.
All the employees were really nice and friendly. They did what they could to help me strengthen my wrist, hand, and tried to get the swelling to go down on my forearm.
I really encourage anyone who is looking for a physical therapy place to give this place a try. The therapists that helped me with my hand/wrist/arm were wonderful. They even let my husband in with my son while I did all my exercises, etc.
A great group of people.

Jaz F.

Ive been working with Alliance for six months, initially for a torn meniscus, then I fell and injured the same knee. I've learned so much about my body and muscles, where the pain is coming from and how to minimize it without creating other problems. They are so kind and helpful and compassionate, but also thorough and professional and, of course, tough when you need it!
They noticed an issue with the way I walk that explained part of the reason I likely injured that particular leg in the first place, and why I have had a slower recovery than we hoped.
Every therapist works together and frankly while at first this concerned me, I worried if they'd all be able to keep track of my case, in fact it's one of the best things about the practice because each therapist brings a different perspective and together they find what works, and I call I've made faster progress than what I would have elsewhere.
They want to find the root cause - not just treat the specific issue the Rx is for, so you reduce the likelihood you'll have to come back.
My insurance considers them out of network, but I am so pleased with the care I'm receiving I've chosen to stick with them. Everyone from front office to techs are amazing. Extremely well-run practice.
(Note: I think they probably will need to hire more therapists, though, as the pandemic is causing a lot of people who are out of shape from working differently than before to suffer routine muscle injuries, and healthcare workers - esp nurses - are getting injured from the significantly increased workloads. )

Rebecca H.

I have been going here for three weeks now after knee surgery.  The therapists are knowledgeable and their expertise shows. I am having marked improvement with my knee and cannot thank them enough.  Still a ways to go but I am encouraged because of them. The office staff is efficient and everyone is friendly.  I would highly recommend them if you need physical therapy.

Carol K.