WOOOOW , this place is no joke and the personal attention they provide it top notch.  I have been dealing with a bum leg after a hamstring reattachment and ended up here after advise from my attorney.  Today was my 1st day of this and already my hope level has raised dramatically.  Very happy today!! not sure about how I will feel tomorrow since I have not had a work out like this since EVER on the leg like this.  Its was gentle but effective.  The other organization in Falls Church I felt like it was a waist of time.  I look forward to my next visit and like I said, I have hope again for the moment !  down to one cane for the day : )

Jorian J.

5 Star Rating

Rachill A

Wonderful staff who have really help me overcome the pain I am experiencing. Knowledgeable and always willing to fit me in. Highly recommend them!

Paredes M.

If I was able to give alliance 10 stars, I would. Unfortunately I broke my elbow and Dakota was very helpful in my recovery. Rimi and Shruti have helped me a lot with my back. I am very thankful for all the staff at alliance. They treat you like family here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for therapy. Would highly recommend.

Liz Asrat

Chi’s is great, and I appreciate the early appointments available!

O. Kimberly

Me gusta recibir las terapias aca porque todo su personal es muy competente y amigable. Siempre estan dispuestos a cualquier inquietud o pregunta de los clientes. Es muy recomendable

Araya R.

Was able to schedule an appointment within 24 hours of my first phone call to them. Staff are all friendly & professional. I’ve very happy I chose this location.

Vick B.

The staff in the Alexandria office are great from the
Office management to the Therapist and the
assistants that have worked with me. This site
I highly recommend to anyone who needs therapy.
I love the team very professional also knowledgeable
when it comes to what workout you need.

Carmen E.

God bless you Precious the staff has always been pleasant, loving, kind and patient with the needs of others. Even though many days I was in some serious pain it was always a joy to be there. There was always laughter to bring your Spirit up. And this was at the Alexandria and Springfield office those are the two that assisted me. May they all be blessed with all of thier  hearts desires. Have a great day and enjoy your wonderful experience there.
Always Love Almeta (Ms. Queen)

Almeta B.

Awesome place for rehab. Been through multiple surgeries and return to this facility on Sherwood repeatedly.  I am care for there and they are attentive to my needs and condition and respect me. Have been other places before but once went there, stayed with them.

Jane O.