Jeffrey Inman

Physical Therapist, Doctorate of Physical Therapist

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5211 West Broad Street, #101
Richmond, VA 23230


Alliance Physical Therapy in Willow Lawn / Richmond

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Jeff is a dedicated and experienced physical therapist with a passion for orthopedic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation. Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, Jeff graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in HNFE, followed by completion of VCU PT School in 2022.With a strong background in helping patients recover from injuries, Jeff brings a compassionate and individualized approach to their practice. He has extensive experience working with various orthopedic conditions and post-operative patients, aiming to help individuals regain strength, mobility, and independence. Outside of their professional work, Jeff enjoys watching sports, particularly baseball, and they have set a personal goal to attend a Phillies game in every ballpark. He also finds joy in traveling and spending time at the beach whenever possible.