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Alliance Physical Therapy in VA


What a great Staff. Everyone was as professional, curtious and friendly as can be. Let's start with my initial contact with Alliance: Victor answered my call, saw to it, very professionally, my medical insurance paperwork was correct and properly filed, extremely friendly and we on lighter notes had many laughs together. Always enjoyed conversing with him when I arrived for therapy. Rachel, also, very friendly, professional and always eager to accommodate me with a different appointment if I was late for one or, due to work, had to cancel. I also enjoyed many laughs with Rachel while conversing and checking in for therapy. Erin: Although I know she has moved outside the Washington DC area and unfortunately not an Alliance employee any longer, her excellent work she did for my finger deserves note. She was excellent! She was attentive, very professional and just plane super nice. Enjoyed her great personality. A super asset to Alliance. Patrick: Is a super therapist, is extremely familiar with with all aspects of his profession, very friendly, nice to talk to and, yes, laugh with too. Patrick has the very basic and advanced knowledge of the human body and how it works and he explains his understanding of the body to his patients very well so that they too understand what is going on in the body and how Patrick proposes to correct it. Jen: Is a true professional in her field. She too has excellent knowledge of the human body and truly knows how to apply physical therapy. She helped me immensely with her thoughtful planned out therapy and I will always appreciate that. Jen is most friendly, enjoyable to talk to and has a great personality. She always begins the session asking "how is my shoulder feeling and where do I need attention today." A very thoughtful and friendly employee. A great Alliance asset! Jennifer: Again, just like Jen, is a great Alliance asset. She too is very brilliant, knows the human body very well and is very knowledgeable on the methods required to assist her patients. Extremely friendly and just fun to talk to and laugh with. Very helpful and enjoyed her company. And finally... Ray: This young man is just too much to explain. First of all, he is one of the friendliest people Alliance could have hired!!! Next, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE enjoys working with this man. It is quite evident in the cross conversations between Staff. And thirdly, he is EXTREMELY familiar with all physical exercises, making certain the exercises I have been assigned are properly executed, VERY OFTEN NOTING TO ME THE PROPER POSITION OF MY FINGERS AND HANDS AND FEET. All the notes issued by Ray were greatly appreciated. Ray is very friendly and helpful to all his patients and he too is great to talk to and laugh with. Ray is a very warm person who has 4 small puppies and loves them. I can't say any negative comments about Alliance Physical Therapy, because, as you can read, ALL VISITS WERE VERY PLEASANT! I must end by saying, I did work with a couple of other therapists, all also excellent and friendly, however, the above named were the therapists I worked with at least 95% of the time, and unfortunately, I do not remember the other therapist names. Thank you Alliance Physical Therapy for your great assistance.

Albert K.

5 Stars

Edgar A.

All staff are great, personable and professional. Highly recommended. I really appreciate the one-on-one therapy.

Thomas C.

5 Stars

Gibson A.

The therapists are friendly and very professional.

Edwin M.

Excellent experience by Patrick, who provided therapy to my husband following a total hip replacement. Thank you very much.

Kimberly Knight W.

5 Stars

Julie J.

I have been on a physical, mental, and emotional high all year because of the work and skill Alliance Physical Therapy brought to my recent back surgery recovery. Tasneem is the perfect balance of supportive rock star, and strict trainer. She pushes you to achieve more, even when you don't want to or feel like you can. My 2018 has been incredible because I keep thinking about where I was a year ago. And Tasneem and her team are a good portion of the reason I've recovered. It was hard at times, and there were days when I questioned whether it was working, but, in the end, the lasting result makes all the pain, work, and setbacks (they happen with every procedure) worth it. I will be back if I ever have any issues in the future.

B B.

Alliance physical therapy in Springfield is wonderful. I have had difficulties with my ankle and Tyler Love, my primary therapist has been amazing. Not only is he knowledgable, but he is very kind, caring, and supportive. I'm moving and he has even put together a program to help me out so I do not relapse until I get into another program. Ray is also another incredible member of this team!! He is kind and will go over exercises to ensure they are being executed correctly.

Shawnna W.

I've been going to Alliance for about 6 weeks for Plantar Fasciitis. Tyler is my primary therapist and he has done an excellent job in helping me recover. He has a holistic approach to my recovery, not only dealing with the immediate injury, but also working the other parts of a lower body that may be impacted. Tyler has also educated me on things I could at home including techniques, exercises, and even the type of shoes to wear. The entire staff is very personable, yet highly professional.

John P.

Had a great experience with these people and would gladly come back again if i were ever to get injured in the future (hopefully not anytime soon). They are genuine and they are truly here to help you recover from whatever injury you have. They did great helping me to get back in shape and back into the gym! I would give them 10 stars if i could!

Jed V.

Extremely happy and I can't express the tremendous opportunity, the services I received from this place. I have received physical therapy in various places but I really liked the staff here as they are very professional, encouraging, have knowledge and alert to the needs of the clients. I was lucky to have Tyler Love as my therapist. He is very challenging, compassionate and dedicated towards his work and clients. Though I am also thankful to all of the staff here who helped me to get better.

Sabrina L.

5 Stars

Maryland D.

5 Stars

Menna M.

The only easy part about recovering from my accident has been working with Patrick and Tyler. My treatment and progress has been successful thanks to them :) Theyre always friendly and the receptionists are also personable and flexible. The only critique I’d have is about the building itself, because there aren’t automatic doors or handicap parking its not very accessible.

Ariana D.

Great chiropractic center, Tyler did such a great job with true dedication and efficient skills 👌👍.Wonderful attending staff 👏. Would definitely recommend this place .

Junaid K.

The whole staff has been great. They've been very accommodating with adjusting my appointments when needed and the hours are perfect. Tyler has patient with working on my stubborn shoulder issues. When Tyler was not available, Jen and Rayel have been excellent in working with me as well. Two-thumbs up.

Tom L.

Tyler Love at Alliance Physical Therapy in the Springfield location makes my physical therapy appointments worth the time it takes out of my busy day. I actually look forward to seeing him (and the two young men who assist in the procedures) when I arrive. Tyler is attentive, personable, knowledgeable, etc... best of all the therapies work.

Barbara B.

I’ve been very happy with the attention to detail this staff provides. Having three different issues it’s comforting knowing this team can prioritize my needs daily and adjust my therapy accordingly.

Valerie P.

The staff is great and friendly! Tyler is excellent! I started therapy about a week ago and I feel great after every session. Definitely recommend!

Cindy M.

My experience with Alliance PT has been great. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they are very patient. 5 stars!!!!!

Fabianne B.

Everyone is super wonderful!! The location is very convenient and there is tons of free parking. The atmosphere is very casual and laid back; but still professional. Everyone who works there knows their stuff. I came in with horrible neck and shoulder pain and a prescription for 4 weeks of PT. I got progressively better with their treatments and by doing the at home care that was recommended. I sincerely hope I never need PT again; but if I do, this will be my go to place!

Larissa P.

Flexible scheduling, excellent staff and care.

Joe K.

These guys are great. I have had multiple sessions with all of their therapists and each one of them is highly knowledgeable, has great bedside manner, and explains things very well. The atmosphere is informal yet professional and I would highly recommend the Springfield office to anyone requiring physical therapy.

O A.

I have been prescribed physical therapy 3 times over the past few years (varying issues) and been to different offices/companies each time. Following recent surgery on my elbow, I began my prescribed rehab regimen (Occupational Therapy) with Claude at Alliance in Springfield. Alliance's Springfield office (I can't speak to locations, as I haven't been) has turned out to be the best PT/OT outfit I have used. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly, scheduling appointments has been a breeze, they are flexible when things pop up, everyone (not just your particular therapist) wants to make sure that the patients are comfortable, and it is easy to tell that the staff enjoys working together. I hope I don't sustain any future injuries requiring rehabilitation, but if I do, I know I will be coming back here.

Adam L.

Nice location with parking spaces. The staff have a great knowledge and quality of patient services. Great new location. The facility all time very cleaned and organized. All staff give you the feeling that you are with people that really care about you and comfortable time during your therapies.

Nietzsche P.

My fiancé has been treated by Taz for years. She is always very accommodating with her time. Very professional! I love her because she gives him less reasons to complain!

Lisa M.

This is the best Physical Therapy place that I have ever been to. The people are wonderful and take interest in what their are doing. They don't rush you and are very patient and caring. Tasneem and Jin, Physical Therapist, are amazing! My son has only had a couple of sessions with them and I am already seeing great improvement in his range of motion. They are friendly but extremely professional and definitely know what they doing. The other staff members are also great in setting up initial visits and very helpful; the registration process was easy. We were referred to Alliance PT by one of my friends and I will also refer other friend, family and colleagues to Alliance PT

Dusty M.

Outstanding place for physical therapy and occupational therapy. The staff are professionals. I would highly recommend Alliance Physical Therapy.

Kevin S.

Very accommodating with scheduling and always pleasant.

Edward O

5 Stars

Rachelle R.

Everyone at the clinic is very helpful and welcoming making each appointment run smoothly. Dr. Shaikh has great bedside manner and goes out of her way to make you feel more comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and skilled with her craft. Definitely recommend this practice!

Alan H.

Overly casual behavior from the staff. Too relaxed for my personal taste. The staff had a very "alright let's get this over with" attitude. Furthermore, you don't work with the same staff member each time; it is station-to-station, and you're often left "hanging out" at a station wondering what and when you're supposed to be doing next.

Alexander M.