Francis Ramirez

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapist, Master of Science, Cognitive Processing Therapist

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Dr. Ramirez received his undergraduate education from The George Washington University, where he graduated as the top student and undergraduate speaker for the commencement ceremonies of the School of Public Health and Health Services. He received both his Master of Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees at the Medical College of Virginia-VCU; where he had served as the Director of Personal Training in the Medical Campus under Dr. Eric West. He has had extensive training in sports medicine and orthopedics-having worked with many youth, amateur, and professional athletes; dancers and ballerinas; and weekend warriors here and abroad. He has also worked with amputee patients; Industrial Rehabilitation clients; and is proficient with the evaluation for and fabrication of custom-made foot orthoses. He is a Board Certified Direct Access Provider; and is licensed to practice in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

Dr. Ramirez is currently an Expert-level practitioner of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release technique, which he has been practicing for over 13 years. He has also taken Advanced Manipulative Therapy courses with famed Brasilian chiropractor Dr. Ines Nakashima; and has apprenticed with various expert-level osteopathic-trained manual therapists. He has had very good results in resolving patients’ symptoms. Dr. Ramirez utilizes a multi-faceted treatment approach incorporating manual therapies, postural assessment, and innovative exercise protocols.

Dr. Ramirez is an avid fan of Manchester City FC, CR Flamengo, FC Barcelona, and DC United; and enjoys watching the “beautiful game.” He has also trained in Brasilian jiu-jitsu and capoeira, having seen the best in both arts when he traveled to Brasil.